Social Security Scams During the Holidays

Social Security Scams During the Holidays

Social Security-related scams continue to be widespread, especially during the holidays. Criminals pretending to be from Social Security and other federal government agencies are tricking victims into sending money or sharing personal information. The scam tactics and scripts may vary, but the ultimate goal is to pressure victims to send money using methods such as gift cards or wire transfers.

This holiday season, protect yourself from scams. Be skeptical and cautious of unexpected calls or messages. Criminals are using the names of federal government officials and sending pictures of documents, evidence, federal employee credentials, and law enforcement credentials and badges, to try to prove their legitimacy. They may change the picture or use a different name, agency, or badge number, always with the intent to scam people out of money or personal information.

Ignore suspicious calls, texts or social media messages, emails, and letters.

The Social Security Administration will never:

The Social Security Administration only sends automated emails and text messages if you have agreed to receive them and only in limited situations, including the following:

If you owe money to social security, you will receive a letter with payment options and appeal rights. They do not accept gift cards, wire transfers, internet or cryptocurrency, or cash by mail.