If you are a portfolio manager or a research analyst, you are probably already knowledgeable about choosing the best investments for yourself and your trust portfolio. The rest of us, however, could benefit from some assistance answering the question of what the price of tea in China actually has to do with anything!

Droughts. Oil production fluctuations. Interest rate adjustments. These all have an effect on monies invested in the markets and if you, like most people, are focused on other things happening in your day-to-day life, you may not have time to dig into stacks of research data to make educated decisions.

Our various investment management options provide you with the necessary background and services to align with your knowledge and comfort level:

Custodian Account, pressing enter will expand this item for more options

Let us organize all the paperwork and handle the administrative details! Accounting, record keeping, income collection, and custodial safe-keeping are included. If you want advice on your investments, however, choose one of our alternate options.

Non-Discretionary Account, pressing enter will expand this item for more options

Like the above-mentioned custodial account, but better! We’ll still handle the administrative tasks and reporting, and also provide information and opinions regarding your investments. You authorize the transactions and we will buy and sell for your account. If you’d like us to handle that too, the Discretionary Account option is your go-to!

Discretionary Account, pressing enter will expand this item for more options

Give us some guidelines and we’ll do the rest! You’ll authorize our knowledgeable staff to make and transact all investment decisions on your behalf, based on criteria discussed between you and a member of our trusted team.

No matter which investment account works for you and your assets, all options come with accurate record keeping, regular tax reports, ad hoc reports for other purposes, and timely income collection.

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