Available in Pennsylvania only from ESSA, MarketPlus Investing® is a science-based method of structuring portfolios that seeks to lower your expense ratios and enhance your returns.

Many of the greatest advancements in finance have come from academic research.  Dimensional Fund Advisors is a pioneer in translating those discoveries into practical investment solutions for clients.  We have two short videos available for viewing:

MarketPlus Investing® is based on four core fundamentals:

  • Today's markets are efficient and priced fairly.
  • Speculation is futile.
  • Global stocks and bonds reward the investor over the long term.
  • Effective portfolio design is what matters most.

MarketPlus starts with a comprehensive market-wide investment structure, then builds upon it with a carefully designed mix of stocks, bonds, and other global investments.  The result?  A portfolio weighted to match your unique goals, risk tolerance, and timeframe.

The effectiveness of MarketPlus lies in portfolio design, implementation, monitoring, and management.  With MarketPlus, your portfolio is regularly reviewed, and rebalancing decisions are made that stay true to your goals and risk tolerance.  More complex considerations like changes to your asset classes and whether or not new investment offerings are viable opportunities are also part of MarketPlus.

For more information on MarketPlus Investing, please contact one of our Trust Officers.


 MarketPlus Investing® provided to ESSA by SJS® Investment Services.

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