Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an enhanced fraud detection tool that provides immediate exception warnings at the point of check and/or ACH presentment. In its simplest form, it is a system that matches the payee name, account number, check number and dollar amount of each check or ACH presented for payment against a list of checks and ACH transactions previously authorized and issued by your business.

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Fee Schedule | Cash Management Product Comparison

  • Standard “Positive Pay” pricing is $45.00 monthly for unlimited account usage and $ 0.10 per item.
  • The monthly fee is waived for NPO customers, (Non-Profit Organization)
  • Fees may vary based on other factors such as overall relationship profitability and volume.


  • Reduces fraud with timely notification of suspect items
  • Streamlines the process for more efficient handling of fraudulent checks and ACH
  • Increases the control you have over the payment of checks and ACH
  • Effectively validates checks presented for payment at the teller line
  • ACH Positive Pay lets you safeguard against fraudulent activity by filtering and blocking unauthorized electronic transfers

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