Improve Your Cash Flow Strategies

Improve Your Cash Flow Strategies

Cash flow is essential to the smooth operation of your business and growth potential. If you struggle with cash flow, your profits can be affected.

Learning how to manage your cash flow can positively impact your business’s long-term success — and give you peace of mind. And because cash flow is so crucial, you can count on ESSA to offer the cash management tools you need to put your best strategy forward.

Many variables impact cash flow. This can include a company’s stage of growth, its industry, and the economy itself. It’s also possible you haven’t budgeted accordingly for expenses, payroll, or overhead costs. Maybe customers aren’t paying you quickly enough, and improvements could be made to your invoicing methods.


Here’s how ESSA can help:

Our Cash Management team can work with you to create a cash flow budget. This amount is what you can expect to see in sales (cash-in) and expenses (cash-out). We can also help review overhead costs and offer recommendations on reducing expenses and improving profit margins.

We can also help you receive timely payments from customers. A solid invoicing strategy paired with ESSA’s Merchant Services will make it easy for customers to pay you. Remember, on-time payments will keep your cash flow strong.


Your interface with customers is just as important as the products used to manage your cash flow.


Let ESSA help your business

A smart cash flow strategy starts with understanding the ebbs and flow of your business — and a financial partner that can assist.


Contact our Cash Management Team today to get started!




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