Learn How Mobile Deposit Can Help Your Business

Learn How Mobile Deposit Can Help Your Business

When you run a business you know the importance of making timely deposits so you can make the most of your money.

That’s why you should be taking advantage of Business Mobile Deposit.

Business mobile deposit gives you the ability to securely make electronic deposits of checks without having to visit a branch during regular banking hours.

This allows you to make deposits quickly and at your convenience, and checks can be deposited by using the ESSA Business Mobile App.

Besides being safe and secure, mobile deposits save you the time it takes to drive to a branch and stand in line to make deposits during normal business hours. You’ll even be able to view the check images online.

This process gives you a wider deposit window, can help you receive your funds sooner, and saves you money on gas. It also greatly minimizes the possibility of losing the checks or having them stolen.

Business Mobile Deposit can also reduce the risk of fraud because it helps limit the number of people who have to handle the checks.

Download the Business Mobile App to get started today!