1. eStatements are an electronic version of your monthly account statement which are accessed through iBank or Business Online Banking.

  2. Sign into Business Online Banking, select the account number, and then Documents; or sign in to your iBank account and click on Profile then Manage Statements. Read the eStatement Disclosure Agreement and click on the PDF document link to verify that you can view our eStatement format. Copy or write down the confirmation code that appears at the top of the sample eStatement and close the pop-up window; this will bring you back to the Disclosure Agreement page. Enter the confirmation code in the box under the Agreement and click the AGREE button. Follow the prompts to complete your enrollment.

  3. No, you can enroll in eStatements without being an Online Banking customer. Enroll Now.

  4. For Business Online Banking: Yes, each user within Business Online Banking can get a notification.


    For iBank: Yes, the account holder must first enroll and will then have the ability to invite other parties to receive eStatement notifications.

  5. Yes, eStatements are accessed through a secure login with 128-bit encryption whether through Online Banking or the eStatement login.

  6. No, eStatements are a free service offered by ESSA Bank & Trust.

  7. An email notification will be sent to the email address on file.

  8. When logged into Business Online Banking, select the account number, and then Documents. You will then click on 'View Statement' or 'View History' for the account requested.

    Your eStatement can be retrieved by logging into your iBank account. Click on Profile, Manage Statements, then View Statement for the account requested.

  9. Both business and personal checking, statement savings, and most consumer loans.

  10. If you do not receive your email notification, you may contact us by sending a message through the ‘Contact Us’ link or by sending an email to  or calling us at 1-855-713-8001.

  11. No, the date will not change.

  12. Yes, by signing up for eStatements you agree that we may provide you with any disclosures legally required in connection with your account electronically rather than in paper form.

  13. Yes, an eStatement can be treated exactly the same as a paper statement.

  14. Depending on when the account was opened, prior statements may be available to view up to a rolling 18 months by clicking on ‘View History’ for the account requested.

  15. No, however it may take up to one statement cycle to discontinue paper statements after eStatement enrollment.

  16. You may opt-out of electronic delivery by sending a message through Contact Us, sending an email to , or calling us at 1-855-713-8001.

  17. For Business Online Banking, select Administration, Employee Profile & Permissions, then Change Employee.

    To continue receiving your email notifications, you must update iBank with your new email address within the ‘Profile’ tab.