ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED: Bill Pay Transfer Money Service (Consumers Only)

Effective Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Transfer Money Service (Account to Account) will no longer be offered.

This change will NOT impact all users. Action is only required by those customers that utilize the external transfer feature between ESSA and another financial institution, using the Transfer Money tab within ESSA’s Bill Pay, as this will be discontinued on November 15, 2023. There will be no change when sending your regular bill payments from the Payment Center, or when using the Zelle service.

How can I tell if I will be impacted?

While logged into your online banking from, select Bill Pay, then the Accounts tab. Any external accounts will be displayed here. If only your ESSA account is listed, no further action is needed.

Will this affect my ability to transfer funds between my ESSA accounts?

No, you can continue to make transfers between your ESSA accounts.

Will this affect transfers initiated from other Financial Institutions or companies?

No, transfers initiated from other financial institutions and companies will not be affected. Only transfers originating from within ESSA’s Bill Pay Transfer Money tab will be discontinued with this change. If you have reoccurring transfers set up in that tab you will need to act before November 15, 2023, to avoid interruptions.

Will this affect my Social Security or other Direct Deposits?

Is there a capability to electronically send funds when this service becomes unavailable?

Yes, as an alternative, you can utilize Zelle which can be registered from within Bill Pay. You will also need to register for Zelle with your other financial institution. Each financial institution’s registration within Zelle will need to have a unique email or mobile phone number registered. Once the registration is complete, you will be able to transfer funds electronically between the accounts using Zelle.

Will this affect my regularly issued/scheduled bill payments?


ESSA apologizes for any inconvenience this interruption may cause and anticipates a replacement solution soon. Thank you for your patience as we strive to replace this service with a more effective and efficient solution.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 855-713-8001 or email us at